In Black Heat, the widow of  Malik Martin, a slain civil rights leader, asks private detective Nina Halligan  to search for her missing adult daughter. While doing so, Nina finds herself in the middle of an old FBI COINTELPRO operation called “Black Heat” and the machinations of a power-hungry black tele-evangelist, who is a former lieutenant of Martin’s.


The Big Mango: Investigating the death of a White House staffer, Nina, along with her best friend Anna Gong, travels to Misericordia, a Caribbean island nation that’s been taken over by a dictator. In the middle of a brewing revolution, she rekindles a relationship with an old flame -- the dictator’s son -- and searches for the man who murdered her husband and children.


A Phat Death: Re-marrying a second time, Nina is  called out of retirement when an internecine hip-hop war compels her journalist husband, Glenn Sierra, to investigate the deaths of SugarDick and Baby Cakes. Suspected as the source of the music industry’s mayhem is Big Poppa, a notorious hip-hop mogul, who is gleefully consolidating his holdings.